Aoi Hayashi
Born 1988 in Kyoto. Graduated a master’s degree at the Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2013. Hayashi presents a dialogue with human bodies which are beyond their control in visible form. She expresses its frustration by variation with repetition, afterimages of colors, and preservation of voice focusing on unintentional body behaviors caused by the effect of heartbeat, tremor in the throat and lips by breathing and the distortion of memory and so on.
Hiroyoshi Suzuki
Graphic designer born in Wakayama prefecture, 1986.
Graduated from Seian University of Art and Design, and currently enrolled at Kyoto University of Art and Design. From multiple perspectives that cross over various disciplines, he is researching contemporary approaches to typography.
A group consisting of Hiroshi Toyama, Takehisa Mashimo, Yusuke Mimasu.
The group handle their interests or hard-to-solve problems, which were found while they work individually as a designer and a programer. They reconsider a certain style relating to languages, letters, prints, writing and reading from their unique perspectives. They have working based on the possibility of new comminication created from there.
Kazuhiro Jo
Born 1977 in Fukushima.
A practitioner with a background in acoustics and interaction design. His major projects are "Re-inventing the Wheel" to embody the possible present through practices with re-interpretations of the history, "The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA" as a practice of the music one participates in, and "Generative Music Workshop", a retrospective research that reproduces past masterpieces of generative music.
Lyota Yagi
Born 1980 in Ehime. Currently resides in Kyoto.
Yagi’s creative output employs a wide range of approaches, ranging from sound art to art objects, video, installation, and interactive media. By reinterpreting the functions and attributes of familiar objects, Yagi reconfigures them to subvert their value and relationship to their surroundings, replaying experiences and memories in new contexts. His work primarily addresses the issues of sound, text, and time.
nicole schmid
Born 1978 in Osaka. Graduated from Kobe Design University in 2001.
Schmid attended the Schule für Gestaltung Basel (Basel School of Design) in Switzerland starting in 2003. In 2009, she returned to Osaka, and is currently working at Helmut Schmid Design. Emphasizes typography, her design work centers on paper media.
A creative design team based in Kyoto, softpad was formed in 1999. Their projects explore boundaries and connections between media, straddling diverse genres such as installation, performance, sound, and graphic design.
Members: Ichiro Awazu, Tomohiro Ueshiba, Teruyasu Okumura, Hajime Takeuchi, Hiromasa Tomari, Hiroshi Toyama, Takuya Minami
Yukio Fujimoto
Born 1950 in Nagoya. Graduated from the Musicology Department of the Osaka University of Arts.
In the mid-1980s, Fujimoto began producing devices and sound objects, focusing on sound from everyday life. His ongoing projects, including installations, performances and workshops, use the experience of sound in space to lead participants to new ways of perception.
Fujimoto exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2001 and 2007.
主なプロジェクトに、実践を通じて歴史を読み替えありえたかもしれない「今」をつくりだすことを試みる「車輪の再発明」、参加型の音楽の実践である「The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA」、生成音楽の古典的な名作を再演する「生成音楽ワークショップ」などがある。
2003年からSchule fuer Gestaltung Basel(スイス)に通う。バーゼルのデザイン事務所に勤務したのち、2009年に大阪に戻る。現在、helmut schmid designに勤務。タイポグラフィに重点を置き、紙媒体を中心にデザインをする。
メンバー:粟津一郎、上芝智裕、奥村輝康、竹内創、泊 博雅、外山 央、南 琢也。